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29 Jul


Dear Members,

We appreciate the time you have taken to provide constructive feedback regarding the Resort Fees established in our previous email. Your comments and suggestions were very insightful and have allowed us to reflect and evaluate.

As we continue to navigate the changing tides posed by this pandemic, our priorities remain the same – to protect the health and well-being of those who visit us and our employees.

We have faced increased costs due to government-mandated social distancing requirements, additional sanitization protocols and protective equipment for you and our staff. We are also making investments into our physical and virtual infrastructure. We understand that some of these changes and expansions may not be visible to the naked eye but none the less are an integral part of our reopening. For more information, visit

To alleviate some of the cost, the club will commit to covering 50% of the original proposed resort fee for members, and cover US$15 of the resort fee for guests.Please know that we’re all in this together and these temporary additional fees will enable us to continue to provide the quality and standard of service you love and deserve, while keeping you safe to the best of our ability.

Resort Fee for All Levels of Members  

All Accommodations
❤️US$15 per person per night (50% reduction)

Resort Fee (Guests of Members)  

Tropical, Crown and Residence Suites, and Cofresi Palm
❤️US$21 per person per night (US$15 reduction)

Sunrise Suites, Presidential Suites, and Royal Suites
❤️US$23 per person per night (US$15 reduction) 

❤️US$30 per person per night (US$15 reduction)

…and more good news!

We will continue to be flexible with the following items:

?US$75 Fee to Change Reservation – This fee is waived! You will NOT be charged. You can make as many changes as you need…we understand that flexibility is so important during this unsure time. Please visit if you need to change your reservation.

?US$150 Fee for Same Day Reservation – This fee is waived until further notice! You will NOT be charged.

?30-day Cancellation Notice is waived! We will continue to accept cancellation of reservations up to 24-hours prior to arrival and you will continue to receive 100% Accreditation of Service Fee paid towards your reservation.

?US$20 Pet Cleaning Fee – This is waived until further notice!

?Promotional Reservations – We will honor all existing promotional reservations and rates, providing you change your dates of travel.

?Upgrade of Band Fee – This is waived until further notice!

Band Types:

CC/CCSE (Those staying with Chairman or part of Chairman Group)
White – up to amount established in contract with option to buy more  (No Change)

CC/CCSE (Guests who are staying at the resort with no CC present)
Gold GM  (No Change)

SH (Those staying with Shareholder or part of Shareholder group)
Black – up to amount established in contract  with option to buy more  (No Change)

SH (Guests who are staying at the resort with no Shareholder present)
Gold GM  (No Change)  

LHVC Members (Those staying with the member or part of member group)
Gold – up to amount established in contract with option pay for the upgrade fee.

LHVC Members (Guests who are staying at the resort with no member present)
Gold GM – bands until further notice*  NEW!

 *The change of Blue to Gold GM bands ONLY applies to a small percentage of guests who travel to the resort without the member present. This band upgrade does not apply to reservations booked through tour operators and/or exchange companies.

We are looking forward to seeing you in November!

❤️Your Lifestyle Family