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27 Sep

Denouncing lawyers with false information use media when losing battles in the court

PUERTO PLATA – Gaining the appeal from the media whilst they lose cases in the courts has been a practice of some lawyers, according to the former president of the Court of Appeal, Dr. Pedro Balbuena.

“This is the practice of some lawyers when they face the unlikelihood of winning the favor of the courts, where they try to obtain the appeal of the media,” said the prominent lawyer Pedro Balbuena, referring to the representatives of the company Esmeralda.

He indicated that the people who represent that company have been losing all the battles in the courts, so they try to generate a wave of opinions which are favorable to their interests, with the belief that they can overtake in their good faith some media broadcasting in Puerto Plata.

It is not legally correct, but if a subsidiary, says that they try to move the debate to a setting that is not legal, it is because they are afraid to go to the courts, which in reality is where these issues that are essentially legal nature should be discussed.

“We are certain that the courts will give us a winning case, if they make the correct judgment of what is right, they will recognize that the Lifestyle Company has reason in this case, it is precisely this conviction that makes us discuss these matters in the courts where it corresponds “.

Balbuena indicated that they fully trust what the courts will have to say in this matter, which as we know are contractual relationships, where there is no other subject matter than the contractual obligations of the parties.

He said that the lawyer Angel Lockward has tried to shock the press and the public with information that is in every way false and perceived from his own point of view “of a fertile mind like the one historically shown by Mr. Lockward.

Balbuena issued his considerations in front of a hearing where the Civil Chamber knew about the judicial process.