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25 Sep

Pedro Balbuena: Angel Lockward uses “lies and slander” trying to intimidate judges, confuse and tarnish the reputation of the Lifestyle Group

PUERTO PLATA – Doctor Pedro Balbuena laments to report that Angel Lockwards sick plot to stain the image of justice and the mass media of Puerto Plata has been brought to light.  Angel Lockward was down on his luck and he saw it be quite impossible to obtain any profits within his own cases in the courts of the Dominican Republic, primarily those in favor of the Esmeralda Group, Angel Lockward continues  to take up the questioned road of a smeared campaign and that in his desperation he seeks to with no remorse tarnish  the well-gained name of Lifestyle and its owners.

This is how Balbuena expressed it, whom he personally put the responsibility on Angel Lockward to be behind what is defined as the new stage of “lies and slanders” which aims to intimidate the judges and confuse the mass media in Puerto Plata. “The worst of it all is that in this twisted plot of pure evil, Lockward and his patrons surprised the local media who once supported him, with his damning articles with no validity, destroying his well-gained credibility over the years,” said the judge of Lifestyle.

In search of the media spotlight, Angel Lockward has forgotten to address the public on the outcome of the majority of these court cases.